Alissa Mazzenga, owner of Feast Fine Art and Calligraphy, has offered her skills, knowledge, and expertise for both editions of The Modern Calligraphy Summit, a completely online learning experience that was first announced in the Fall of 2015. Since the release of the original Modern Calligraphy 1.0 in early 2016, interested learners ranging from curious beginners to advanced business owners have taken part in this incredible learning opportunity, strengthening their abilities, expanding their knowledge, and connecting with a worldwide community of calligraphy and lettering artists. We invite you to click the links below to learn more about what The Modern Calligraphy 1.0 and 2.0 have to offer!


The Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0

Calligraphy, Lettering, Stationery, Photography, and Styling- what do they all have in common? They are all a part of of a special bonus video that will be offered through the second Modern Calligraphy Summit, and taught by Alissa of Feast, along with her sister, Chicago photographer and stylist Aimee Mendez. Learn how to style and photograph your calligraphy, lettering, and other stationery goods in a way that both captures the quality of your work and boosts your portfolio! Alissa and Aimee are honored to be teaching alongside seven other talented calligraphy and lettering artists, all teaching in their own areas of areas of expertise! The Summit is completely online, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

Topics to be covered:

  • The ABC's of Brush Calligraphy with Sharisse DeLeon of Pieces Calligraphy
  • Classic Copperplate Calligraphy with Younghae Chung of Logos Calligraphy
  • Breaking the Rules with Katherine Ross of Script Merchant
  • Layouts and Lettering Styles with Molly Knabel of Poppy and Mint Design
  • Learning how to Letter on Everything but Paper with Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete
  • Invitation Design with Karla Lim of Written Word Calligraphy
  • Watercolor Illustration and Digitizing with Jenna Rainey of Monvoir Co.

The Modern Calligraphy Summit 1.0

In the original edition of the Modern Calligraphy Summit, released in early 2016, Alissa of Feast shared her favorite tips, tricks, and how-to's for those interested in learning how to brush letter with gouache paint- a concentrated art medium that is one of her favorites to use for both calligraphy and brush lettering! Alissa was joined by a group of eight other calligraphy and lettering artists who each taught in their own unique areas of expertise, and the result was nothing short of a complete success! You can still gain access to all of their teaching videos, instructional lessons, and hours of bonus videos. 

Topics covered:

  • Beginning Calligraphy with Laura Hooper
  • Developing Your Own Style with Fozzy Castro-Dayrit
  • Flourishing with Victoria Rothwell
  • Floral Embellishments with Annie Mertlich of Wildfield Paper Co.
  • Creating Layouts for Envelopes and Beyond with Anne Robin
  • Digitizing and Preparing for Print with Ashley Buzzy
  • Brush Lettering with Pens and Markers with Drew Europeo
  • Brush Lettering with Watercolor with Nicole Miyuki Santo
  • Brush Lettering with Gouache with Alissa Mazzenga of Feast

By Enrolling in Either Edition of The Modern Calligraphy Summit, you'll receive:

  •  Lifetime access to all of your videos and handouts - your lessons never expire!

  • Hour long video lessons from each of your favorite calligraphy and lettering artists

  • Helpful PDF handouts corresponding to each lesson

  • A recommended course supply list and shopping resources

  • An active and helpful private Facebook group for connecting with your peers and asking questions

  • Hours of additional bonus videos!