Introducing a new hand-calligraphed font: Feast!

This week was such a momentous one, with the release of our new hand-calligraphed font, appropriately named "Feast"!

A brief history on this new endeavor and the release of "Feast":

It was last year that lettering artist Molly Jacques reached out to inquire about font development. Molly has been prolific in the creation of several very popular hand-calligraphed and hand-lettered fonts over the past couple of years. It was such an honor to join her and Dathan Boardman in this pursuit, and be welcomed as a designer in their font foundry, Great Lakes Lettering.

While font development was a unknown experience at that time, it was one that I was so eager to venture into. I was so excited to have the opportunity to make this replica of my signature calligraphy style available to the world, especially for use on every day and less than completely hand-crafted, custom projects.

Myself, as well as the whole GLL team looks forward to seeing how this font will be used. Don't forget to hashtag #gllfonts when you use and post photos of creative work involving "Feast"! We can't wait to see what you will create!

You can purchase Feast before it goes live anywhere else HERE on Molly's website! 


Feast Featured on Besotted Brand!

So honored to have work featured on Besotted Brand this past week! After exploring this beautiful website, shop, blog… I felt so inspired. 

And apparently, according to her “about me” section, we like all the same things:

-Lists, yes, she’s a big fan of lists

-Books, the dictionary tends to be a perpetual favorite

-Bespoke design

-Paper, preferably extraordinarily thick

-Pens, a definite leaning towards the extra fine felt variety

-Pencils, extra sharp points please


-Hand lettering/Unique penmanship

-Design, from book jackets to interiors there’s always something to get excited about


-Hand stamps, the time has come to celebrate this humble printing process



-Shades of gray, white and black

-Subtle colors

-Shiny objects

From Besotted Brand:

Thanks again, Tristan!