Feast Featured on Besotted Brand!

So honored to have work featured on Besotted Brand this past week! After exploring this beautiful website, shop, blog… I felt so inspired. 

And apparently, according to her “about me” section, we like all the same things:

-Lists, yes, she’s a big fan of lists

-Books, the dictionary tends to be a perpetual favorite

-Bespoke design

-Paper, preferably extraordinarily thick

-Pens, a definite leaning towards the extra fine felt variety

-Pencils, extra sharp points please


-Hand lettering/Unique penmanship

-Design, from book jackets to interiors there’s always something to get excited about


-Hand stamps, the time has come to celebrate this humble printing process



-Shades of gray, white and black

-Subtle colors

-Shiny objects

From Besotted Brand:


Thanks again, Tristan!