Yoga+ Chicago Beginners Calligraphy Workshop

I'm convinced that yoga is the perfect activity before you dive into practicing calligraphy. OR- after. Actually, yoga has been a lifesaver for me as a calligrapher, spending a lot of time working my neck and hands to the point of serious cramping and pain! Yoga always provides a good break in the middle of a long work day.

It was wonderful to partner with Andrea and Natalie of Yoga+ Chicago a few weeks ago. I met Natalie in college down at Baylor University, and since then, these two sisters and Chicago natives have built a beautiful company offering vinyasa yoga workshops paired with hands-on learning experiences taught by other Chicago business owners and creatives.

Andrea led the class through a relaxing flow in the sun-lit Greenhouse Loft space, and after yoga, all refueled with delicious juice from PINT,  and learned calligraphy basics together. Photographs captured by Rachel Brown Kulp. What a lovely collaboration!